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Client testimonials

“JJ Studios has to be one of the warmest and friendliest gyms to which I've ever been. They welcome people of all shapes and sizes and accommodate the routines to fit any of your limitations, which in my case is an arthritic knee.  The three ladies who run the classes are brilliant; they are wonderfully supportive, helpful and run some wickedly challenging exercise classes.  But what I love about doing a power plates class is that it is mercifully quick (30 mins) but you leave feeling like you ran a marathon.  What I love even more is that in the first 8 weeks of joining, the classes helped me to lose 1.5 Stones.”

Fiona Theobald

“I have been going to power plates on and off for years now and I always enjoy it. The short 1/2 hour sessions fit really well with my hectic working week and the excercise's are always varied and help me stay toned. Everyone is lovely and we always have laugh! Would recommend to anyone who wants to stay in shape in a relaxed and happy environment.”

Lauren Tudor

“Power plate at JJ Studios- what can I say? I hate exercise. With a passion. I can think of nothing worse than going to a gym or, good grief, running!! However, I know that, as I'm getting older, exercise needs to be a part of my life and Powerplate ticks all my boxes! Just 25 minutes twice a week, that's all it takes. Within 6 weeks, I'm back in a pair of jeans I haven't been able to do up in a year, I'm more flexible and I have more energy. As the classes are very small (sometimes just me!), it's like having a personal trainer for less than an hour a week, but still getting great results and fits my lifestyle perfectly! Plus, Jennie and Sophie are great fun, whilst ensuring I'm doing the moves correctly. Come on- what have you got to lose? Inches, pounds- whatever you want to whittle away, come and give Powerplate a go today!!!”

Alison Chamberlain

“Power plates is great for improving overall fitness and strength in short, varied and challenging sessions.  As a late developer in skiing (did not hit the slopes for the first time until I was 49 - now much older!), I have found that the focus on core strength and balance has really improved my ability to enjoy my skiing.  I now am able to ski for longer and maintain balance in situations where I may have previously have fallen.  Certainly the exercises which develop leg muscles - lunges, squats and the "feel the burn" ski sits have paid off of for me!  I have also found that my flexibility has improved - years of cycling and of course, being male, meant that flexibility was lacking - now I certainly feel the benefit of moving more freely when tackling more challenging pistes.

Out of season, power plate sessions are fun and motivating - it is the only form of keep fit I have kept up for longer than a year as I like the fact that no two sessions are the same. ”

Rob Knight - been power plating for two years!

“Fab way to get back in shape after having a baby. Really friendly and make you feel very comfortable with yourself at a time you need it most. Highly recommend. Thank you xx”

Rosy Jennings

“I used JJ studios from 20 weeks pregnant, right through to the birth of my son for pregnancy training. I then returned for post-natal power plate classes after my 6 week check and am still going strong 8 months in!

The pregnancy sessions were great!  They enabled me to stay fit and strong, safe in the knowledge that the exercises I was doing were safe during pregnancy. And best of all... I’ve had no back or pelvic floor problems since Aaron's birth, and I think this has a lot to do with the strengthening exercises done as part of the classes.

The post natal sessions have also been wonderful! Jennie and Sophie do a great job of keeping Aaron entertained so I can concentrate on training. My pregnancy weight has all gone, and it has been great to achieve this knowing that the exercises have been designed particularly with the post-childbirth body in mind.

I’d happily recommend JJ studios to all mums to be for both pregnancy and post-natal classes.”

Sarah Kirk

“Post natal Power Plate... the way to go!!!

I have just completed 12 weeks of post natal power plate classes and thrilled with the results, from attending two sessions weekly in total I've lost 17cm overall from my chest, waist hips, upper arms and thighs I now also weigh less than my pre baby weight! My aim on embarking the classes were for a feeling of wellbeing and to tone up and not only have I achieved over and above that but I have gained a wonderful circle of new friends.

I'll certainly be continuing with the power plate classes at JJ Studios and looking forward to the next stages of training... bring it on Team JJ!”

Shona Tomkinson

“I'm so thrilled with the changes I'm seeing after just a few weeks of doing the Post Natal Power plate classes that I've written a little testimonial below...... In just a matter of weeks the difference not just physically but mentally has been amazing, I feel toned, trim, slim and full of energy! We are only half way through our course and already the inches are dropping off, I will definitely be continuing with the classes.

Jennie - Thanks so much for all the encouragement and for getting my pre baby body back, which looks even better than before, long may it continue!”

Shona Tomkinson

“I’ve been attending the specialised ‘Post Natal’ Power Plate classes. Jennie is such an inspiration and offers the much needed encouragement that us new mums require when we’re returning to fitness. As we’re allowed to bring our babies with us, we have an adoring audience which makes it so much easier!”

Lisa Warbrook

“I highly recommend JJ Studios, my sessions helped me so much after the birth of my twins last year. Thank you JJ Studios x”

Jo Davies

“Most amazing way to lose your baby weight, was the only thing that worked for me. Thanks JJ Studios for making me feel like me again x”

Caroline Raoof

“I have been using the Power Plates at JJ Studios for just 6 weeks and I have already seen a dramatic change in my body shape. In just 12 sessions I have lost 6.5 inches. I am amazed at the results I have achieved and couldn’t be happier, not only has my shape changed but I have noticed how much my cardiovascular fitness has improved. I love my sessions at JJ Studios, the instructors are always friendly and so motivating, I couldn’t have done it without them. I like the fact you have to book a session as it makes you go, I would go weeks without visiting the gym, now I rarely miss a session! I am so pleased I decided to book a free trial at JJ Studios!! ”

Lindsay Gordon, Nantwich

“Powerplate has shaved inches off my body and given me toned and defined arms, legs and tummy. I have been very impressed with the results, much better than I achieved at the gym.

As someone who is easily bored, I like the variety and speed of the sessions, it's all over in half an hour and you get a fantastic workout.

The small class sizes are great as you benefit from personalised training from the instructor, which helps with motivation and fitness. ”

Liz Jennings, Nantwich

“Power plates have been wonderful, I have always exercised but nothing I have done in the past has made such an impact on my long term back problems, I feel stronger and am definitely more toned and I spend less time exercising than I did before! I never dread the classes as there is always a lovely atmosphere and they are short and sweet, only 25 minutes!”

Julia Moore

Which celebrities use power plate?


  • Players of Chelsea FC
  • Players of Everton FC
  • Players of Manchester United FC
  • David James – England footballer
  • Ledley King – Tottenham Hotspurs captain
  • Colin Jackson MBE – athlete and coach
  • Lee Westwood – PGA golfer
  • Nick Dougherty – PGA golfer


  • Lynne Robinson – pilates guru
  • Hilary Boddie – health editor, OK! Magazine
  • Dr. Hilary Jones – media medic


  • Kylie Minogue – musician
  • Natalie Imbruglia – musician
  • Charlotte Church – musician/TV presenter
  • Sting and The Police – musicians
  • Elle MacPherson – supermodel
  • Claudia Schiffer – supermodel
  • Anna Friel – actress
  • Hillary Swank – actress
  • Clint Eastwood – actor and director
  • Jonathan Ross – television personality
  • Anthea Turner – TV presenter
  • Lisa Butcher – television presenter
  • Noel Edmunds – television presenter

Star Testimonials

“My friends raved to me about the Power Plate machine, and now I know why. It is a great invention and a convenient, time-efficient, workout.”

Kylie Minogue

“I love my new Power Plate machine. Even after only two weeks on the Power Plate machine I can already see a difference in my legs and stomach. It is really working, everything seems so much firmer. I love the fact that I can see results in such as short time with such little effort.”

Elle MacPherson

“I was introduced to the Power Plate® machine in September 2005 by Jeff Davis and was immediately impressed with the versatility and applications specific to golf conditioning; including hamstring stretch, massage (for recovery/relaxation) and for developing my core stability. I have now progressed to the Power Plate pro5 AIRdaptive™ to further develop stability and power in my golf swing.”

Lee Westwood - Professional Golfer, currently ranked World No.1 Player

“My Power Plate machine has changed my workouts for the better. It is quick, fun and convenient. I’m already looking and feeling in better shape, and the best bit is that by doing short sessions at home I can fit fitness around the other demands of my work and family life.”

Emma Bunton - Pop Singer, Songwriter and TV/Radio presenter

“I love that with the Power Plate machine, I can get a full workout at home in next to no time. I really am impressed with my ability to target and recruit specific muscles and improve my flexibility at the same time. It just feels good.”

Hillary Swank

What is a Power Plate?

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