We have known each other for many years, being good friends through school and then studying together at college. Our paths crossed again when we both worked as fitness instructors at a local health club. We knew then that we shared the same passion and had the same visions of the future of the health and fitness world.

So a bit about us…

Hi, I’m Jennie, I lead the group fitness programme here at JJ studios. I have over 11 years experience as a personal trainer and group fitness instructor.

I love to get creative with classes and keep them as fun and varied as possible. I love to see people enjoying exercise, even when it gets tough and helping members on their journey to reach their health and fitness goals.

Personally I’ve explored fitness in many different ways and tied it in perfectly with my adventurous side from running marathons to climbing Mount Kilimanjaro to completing Tough Mudders. I love to be outdoors and thrive off personal achievements – opening JJ studios being one of them.


Hi, I’m Jim, I lead the personal training programme here at JJ studios. I have over 12 years experience as a PT, working with clients to achieve amazing results.

I specialise in strength and conditioning and body fat reduction. Having carried a lot of weight as a teenager, I have first hand experience of reducing body fat gradually, safely and effectively and most importantly, sustaining it. This experience has helped me pass on the knowledge to our clients and help them to achieve the same.

Whatever your goal is I can help you get there, giving you as much guidance, support and motivation as I possibly can. I am a friendly and affable person with a passion for fitness!



For more information and to book call:

Jim: 07983 636 547   |   Jennie: 07515 788 889