As beautiful and rewarding as being a mum is, we still need to look after ourselves. After having my daughter, Taylor, in 2017 I realised how easy it is to neglect yourself, you are so wrapped up in this new crazy world of nappies and feeds and day to day cooing that your own needs and wellness are well and truly put on the back burner. It suddenly dawned on me however that if I didn’t make time to look after myself, keeping myself healthy both mentally and physically then how was I supposed to look after my baby to the best of my ability.

So, we came up with our ‘parent fitness’ services. Where like-minded people  can come together to focus on their health and fitness which we know is not easy to do alone, we also know it’s not that easy to find childcare 2-3 times a week for you to do this and so you can bring them with you!

Our babies and bootcamp classes are held at the studio, these classes are just 30 minutes long, long enough for you to get a decent workout and short enough to prevent the little ones protesting too much! We mainly focus on functional exercises for the new mum where all of a sudden your daily life includes lots of lifting and carrying with awkward twists and turns, some cardio to build up basic fitness back up and also a big focus on core strength and pelvic floor restoration, for obvious reasons!! Not just for mums – Dads are also very welcome, this is a great way for you to come and fit a workout in without having to sort childcare and don’t worry, we can change the focus for the guys!

Power Plates – vibration training is a fantastic post natal workout – power plate themselves have done endless research on how the power plates help new mums get back in to shape but most importantly work those kegels and pelvic muscles.

So, come and give our ‘parent fitness’ classes a try, with your bundle of joy in tow – we love to see them just as we much as we love helping you with your health and fitness goals. See our timetable for class times.


Pre and Post Natal Personal Training £35

1:1 or small group – please enquire

Babies and Bootcamp Classes £5

For more information and to book call:

Jennie: 07515 788889