Body Fat Reduction course
Nutrition plays a pivotal role in complimenting and accelerating results in all areas of fitness from reducing body fat, increasing muscle mass or boosting performance. This is why we encourage all of our clients to monitor food intake.

With this in mind, we have introduced an 8-week body fat reduction course to our services. The course allows you to gain knowledge about nutrition and the ability to identify the right food choices for individual goals. During our nutrition discussion on week 1 we cover food groups, food selection, effects of food, timing and how to measure what we are eating. As part of the course you will be given a unique calorie target and a breakdown of how much protein, fat and carbohydrate you need to reach your calorie target. This calculation is based on your height, weight, muscle mass and body fat percentage. During the 8-week course you will have access to 2 fat burn classes per week and inclusion in our group chat forum where we share ideas, recipes, cook along videos to inspire your food choices as well as motivational hints and tips along the way. Since the course began it has been a huge success mostly due to the motivating atmosphere in the classes and the ongoing support from trainers and fellow participants alike.

Our weekly yoga class led by Kristyna allows you to calm your mind whilst challenging your body by incorporating strength and flexibility. Guaranteed to leave every class feeling relaxed yet invigorated. This class is suitable for beginners.

A full body workout that uses compound exercises and functional movements to challenge every muscle and boost the heart rate. Benefits include; strength gains, direct increase in muscle mass and improved core strength.

Fat Burn
This short, intense class is designed to complement our body fat reduction course but is also open to non-course participants. We use bodyweight movements, light resistance and plyometric exercises to spike the heart rate and keep it up for the duration of the class, keeping you burning fat long after the class has finished!

Express Circuits
We understand that fitting exercise into a busy lifestyle is difficult so why not get it done before work! Our 40-minute circuit combines resistance cardio and strength work in a circuit format that is guaranteed to get you fired up for the day ahead.



All our studio classes (except yoga) are £5. Pay as you train
Yoga £8
You can block book 10 x studio classes for £45 (not including yoga).

For more information and to book call:

Jim: 07983 636 547   |   Jennie: 07515 788 889